Media Literacy

For information about my Innovator project focused on building media literacy, please visit my project website: Mediated Messages.

Combating Disinformation:

This slide deck is designed to be used for guided student instruction. There are many opportunities for students to discuss the issues presented and practice the skills necessary for becoming media literate. The speaker notes provide background, directions, and explanations for the content of each slide.

On Satire:

Sometimes satire is mistaken for fake news or an attempt to misinform. The exercises outlined in these slides help students recognize and wrestle with satire in multiple forms.

Leverage Social Media:

Post high school planning can be daunting for many students and the adults who support them. This slide deck explores how students can explore post-secondary opportunities (in particular, higher ed) through social media.

Redefining what we mean by "text":

By blending words, data and images in the same document to create meaning and convey information we become better communicators able to traverse language barriers. We also become more meaningful note-takers.

Empathy is critical to community:

An embedded digital citizenship lesson useful in any class that examines art or historical photographs as class texts. This lesson focuses on an allegorical painting and an iconic photograph from U.S history.

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