Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tomorrow starts a new year!

I have moved to a new district and tomorrow is the start of the new school year. I have worked quite a bit this summer in preparation for our ready access learning initiative. The elementary and middle schools are rolling out a 1:1 Chromebook program and the high school is going BYOD. Much of our work this summer has focused on creating digital citizenship bootcamps for all of the students, designing a new web presence for the school district, curating and piloting a digital tool set applicable at each of the grade levels, as well as planning professional development for the faculty.

And throughout this process, I have been thinking in infographics. Here are a couple I have made for my new role in my new school.

This is to introduce our learning commons to the community:

Embedded in this infographic are two more I have made. One is about our research model; the other will hang in our innovation space. It is about the design cycle.

I have ordered a poster version of the first infographic. If it comes out well, we are thinking of ordering one for each classroom... a little reminder to teachers and students of all the ways the learning commons can enhance their inquiry!

Happy new year, everyone!

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