Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Step back and Re-Group

Today I am disappointed.

Well, that is an understatement.

First, my earnest congratulations to the #TOR cohort of #GoogleEI. I had hoped to be among you, but not this time.

So, now what? I have dignified the disappointment, and now it is time to re-group, re-commit, and there is always room for a little hope.

Step 1: Watch the Jordan ad (again).
It's time to fail forward.

Step 2: Revisit my proposal and remember what I like about it.
It is service-oriented enabling students and community members to connect in the interest of learning. The connections it enables emerge from organic inquiry. As a classroom teacher, I frequently sought the kind of resources and interactions it would facilitate. Lastly, it can, ultimately, create connections in the interest of learning and effecting positive community and, perhaps, global, change.

Step 3: Reconsider my proposal and find room for improvement.
Was it too big? Think big and start small. Was it unclear? Who will use this service? Why? How will the connections be made? Was my title for the initiative unintentionally misleading or objectionable?

Step 4: Get feedback.
Any #GoogleEI veterans (especially ones who had to apply multiple times before being accepted) have any advice for me? I am all ears!

Step 5: Get busy.
Enough said.

Last step: Wonder...
Maybe I have already been to Toronto many times, and I am actually meant to visit Mexico City? I will find out after October 16. Who's pulling for me?

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